Patient-oriented service

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital still uphold the principle of patient-oriented service ever since its inception

Quarter of Century

Tzu Chi General Hospital suffered a tremendous loss in 1989 with the passing of Supt. Tu Shih-Mien due to liver cancer. The grief was heavy to Master Cheng Yen and the entire Foundation. Vice Supt. Tseng Wen-Ping succeeded the position and became the 2nd superintendent of the Hospital. Under his leadership, the hospital was accredited as a quasi-medical center in 1998. In July 1999, Supt. Tseng honorary retired and was succeeded by a young and talented orthopedist Chen Ing-Ho. In 2002, the hospital was finally accredited as the only medical center and ISO9001:2000 certified in Eastern Taiwan.


The Hospital now has three buildings: The medical building in the first phase of the project (now known as the Great Love Building) has 250 beds and 11 specialist clinics; the Gratitude Building in the second phase of the project was built to accommodate the increasing demands of the medical center operation; the He Xin Building in the third phase is a seismically isolated building where the emergency and trauma center is locat-ed; and Xie Li Building, which houses all the cutting edge medical technology, is dedi-cated to medical research and hospital administration.

Our Hospital is committed in the pursuit of clinical, educational, and research innova-tion. That commitment also reflects in our international standard medical professional-ism. The Hospital safeguard all trauma and emergency patients in Eastern Taiwan. The medical and surgical intensive care units operate day and night, and the emergency team on standby around the clock. Our cardiac catheterization and 3-Dimensional Mapping of Cardiac Arrhythmias are of international standard. Our Neuroscience Cen-ter has been international recognized for its treatments and researches of complex dis-eases such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, brain tumor, and stem cell transplantations.

Our Cancer Center was accredited as grade A in 2009, thanks to the collaboration of 11 specialized cancer teams that offers holistic medicals services including cancer preven-tion, early diagnosis and treatments, and palliative care. Our Organ Transplantation Center, since its inception, is dedicated to the advocation of organ donation across all communities and social strata. The Center’s living-donor liver and kidney transplanta-tion have a high survival rate, which can be translated into lives saved and promises fulfilled. The implementation of IDS (integrated delivery system) allows the Hospital to attend to patients living in remote regions with routine medical outreach programs.

In 2009, Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital was accredited as an education hospital with flying colors. It has Standardized Patient Center and Center for Objective Struc-tured Clinical Examination that conduct small group, problem-oriented, evidence-based medicine education, mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini CEX), and digital learn-ing, aiming to be a leading hospital in medical clinical teaching.


Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital still uphold the principle of patient-oriented service ever since its inception, and strives to be the leading health care provider worldwide.