Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

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  • Opening Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Special Expertise

Urinary Tract Physiology/Kidney Transplant/Urolithiasis (Urinary tract stone surgery)/Urinary Tract Oncology,
Male infertility/Treatment of urinary tract tumors/Da Vinci surgery and laparoscopic surgery in Urology
Adrenal disease and surgery, Inguinal hernia and surgery, Prostatic disease and Laser surgery 
Tzu-Chi Hospital Urology Attending physician
Tzu-Chi Hospital Department of lecturers



Tzu-Chi Urinersity Department of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics Master's degree
Tzu-Chi Urinersity Medicine Bachelor's degree


Academic Appointment

Experience: Tzu-Chi Hospital Urology Resident
Tzu-Chi Hospital Urology Chief Resident
Tzu-Chi Hospital Urology Fellowship
Current: Tzu-Chi Hospital Urology Attending
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